back to wilmington.

As  I bid Shreveport farewell today, I look forward to arriving in Wilmington and seeing my husband for the first time in two weeks. I'll be off later today, praying for safe and smooth travels, hopefully travels during which I will be able to get some quality Harry Potter reading accomplished.

I've also got moments like the one pictured above firmly planted in my mind. These little Shreveport porch moments are some of my most treasured, and I look forward to when I'll arrive back there, ready to spend time with my parents, take the girlies on walks, and eat too much food.

Until next time, my dear Louisiana. It's time to press forward and accomplish some goals in Wilmington before the next adventure comes along. Which, you know, may not be so far off after all...

[Photo: Front Porch Reading | iPhone 3Gs]


siddathornton said…
Sitting on the porch reading sounds wonderful. I love the picture!
siddathornton said…
it was so, so wonderful. sitting on my parents' porch and reading is ALWAYS one of the highlights of my trips to my hometown. it's just the most relaxing place on earth. it really is.

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