someone is turning 28 today.

here's the birthday boy on his second ski day in breckenridge.
he was basically a pro. well, at least compared to me.

Someone is turning 28 today. Remember when he turned 27? What about 26?

Something that I absolutely love about blogging is the living, changing record of our lives that it produces. I look back at when Justin turned 27, and I can see where we were in our lives at that point: it was his first birthday after we had gotten married, we had just gone for a trip to Charleston, and we were enjoying our life together in Wilmington.  I can look back at 26 and remember that that was when we were living in Kinston, that was when he was working ridiculously hard at a difficult job, and that was when we were still in the throes of planning our October wedding.

So, what about this year? Well, two days ago I got home from an impromptu 2-week-long visit to Shreveport. Earlier this month, we could be found skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado. And now, we are standing on the precipice of some big life changes. When I think about Justin's birthday this year, I think about the joy of life. I think about all that lies before us, all that we have to look forward to. I think about how grateful I am that on this day 28 years ago, a person came into this world who would ultimately become my husband, one of my greatest encouragers and supporters. That's where we are this year.

And it's pretty sweet.

Happy Birthday, Justin!

[Photo: In Breckenridge | iPhone 5C]


siddathornton said…
Happy birthday to Justin! And I love the living journal that a blog becomes - it's lots of fun to go back and look at where you were in life at certain milestones. I haven't been able to give that part up, even through I've revamped my blog a few times.
siddathornton said…
thank you! :)

i just couldn't imagine my life without my blog at this point. it's such a source of joy, and it is such a comfort to me that little - and big - parts of my life are getting documented, stored in this little place on the internet, ready for me to access whenever i need a reminder of "where i was then."
siddathornton said…
Happy birthday to Justin! It's so cool that you're able to look back over past birthday's on your blog.
siddathornton said…
Happy birthday to Justin!

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