love lists: march 2014.

MARCH HAS definitely been a month filled with travel. 
At the beginning of the month, I found myself skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado. 
And only two days after we arrived back home in Wilmington, 
I found myself on a plane home to Shreveport. 
In the midst of all of this travel, I have noticed a few things 
holding true and catching my fancy. Here they are.

1. Camellias. And all of the other trees and flowers and plants we admired on our walks with the girlies during my Shreveport trip. [Red Buds, Magnolias... but mainly the candy-colored camellias - my favorite wintertime flower].
2. Sprite. I just can't get enough lately. I plan to wipe out this addiction upon my arrival back in Wilmington. It's time to get back to water, folks.
3.  NYX's lipgloss in BeigeThe perfect, perfect springtime pink. This gloss, along with my trusty tubes of Carmex, have almost been the only things I've worn on my lips this month.
4. Reading the Bible. There is a kind of excited peace that comes along with finally embarking on this adventure. Well... actually... I've embarked on this adventure before, but I believe I was going about it the wrong way. You see, I picked up the Bible a few years ago and attempted to read it, cover-to-cover, in order. And, well, I didn't finish it. The app that I'm using provides four chapters per day to read, usually two from the Old Testament and two from the New Testament. It's proving much easier to read!
5. Heart-to-hearts with my parents. Sometimes you've just got to sit down and get all of your feelings out. My parents were great listeners and great comforts during my trip home to Shreveport, and I am so grateful for that, and them. 
6. Pretty Little Liars. Yes. I said it. Truth be told, this show is a total guilty pleasure. In the past few weeks, I've spent time holed up on my iPad in bed, learning about Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna's totally dramatic lives. And I've really enjoyed it. 
7. House of Cards. This is the show that Justin and I have been watching together. We took a bit of a hiatus while I was in Shreveport, but now we are back to watching full-force. 
8. The Cuckoo's Calling. Such a great book, for real. I can't wait to read The Silkworm.

What were your favorites this month? Please do share.

[Photos: Camellias For Days | at The Ontario House | iPhone 3Gs]


siddathornton said…
PLL has definitely been a guilty pleasure of mine for the past few months! It's just so darn intriguing, and the fashion... oh, the fashion. I find myself signing things "Kisses." haha
siddathornton said…
PLL is the best! I get so confused sometimes though. So many sub-plots. I just started watching Orange is the New Black. It's good too!
siddathornton said…
i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets confused by all of the PLL craziness!

i LOVE orange is the new black - i'm so ready for the next season, which comes out in June. YAY.
siddathornton said…
haha, it's extremely intriguing, isn't it?! and i find that watching the show makes me want to fix my hair, which is always a plus.
siddathornton said…
I love PLL! I'm getting caught up as I write this comment. :)

I downloaded the app that you use to read the Bible. I'm excited to get back into it and hopefully make it through the entire Bible. I've always tried to read cover-to-cover too. I know Genesis pretty well, but I haven't made it completely through yet.

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