march things.

a little shot from our road trip from Denver to Breckenridge

I'm writing this as I sit on the bed of a hotel room in Denver. There is snow falling outside, and I'm starting to get hungry for dinner. As soon as I finish tapping out this post, I will be pressing "Publish." There will be no scheduling, as this post is supposed to go up today, and it's already 6:30 p.m. We fly out tomorrow to return to Wilmington, and while I greatly enjoyed our ski trip to Breckenridge, I'm feeling quite homesick and ready to get back. Back to our apartment, back to our daily routines, and back to reading and planning and working out. You know, the stuff of daily life.

When I reflect on my February Things, I realize that while I didn't stick to any of them completely, I did make some small lifestyle changes for the better. That's what resolutions are all about, right? I feel like the birthplace of my March Things is a good and promising sign - they were hastily written out into the Notes section of my phone while walking at my favorite park.


1. Get out of the house every day.
2. Soak up a little sun.
3. Choose healthy.
4. Yoga and/or Pilates daily.
5. Go easier on yourself and choose to be happy and upbeat.

What are your March Things?


siddathornton said…
#5 is key. If I could pick anything important out of all my March goals, that would be a big one. Love the mountains - hope you have a wonderful trip!
siddathornton said…
I love #3 and that it's not specific. And #5 should be one of my March Things. I've been stressed out lately and I've been letting it get to me and make me crabby. I need to be more intentional about not letting the stress get to me that way.

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