wilmington snapshot: two churches + a courthouse.

heading north on 3rd street into downtown wilmington, if you glance to the right, 
you'll see three of my favorite buildings in the city. so far, that is.

on the friday that these photos were taken, it was cold & windy in downtown wilmington. but the sun was shining, & the sky was unbelievably blue. if you're ever in the area, i would highly suggest taking either a drive or stroll down third street, so that you can marvel at the beautiful buildings. especially these two churches & a courthouse.

photos: two churches + a courthouse on third street \ nikon


So beautiful!! Wilmington looks adorable. Would it be a good place to get away for the weekend? I'd love to plan a few weekend trips for Thomas + I that are nearby, but far enough we still feel like we're on vacation. I'd love any + all recommendations! xoxo, eliza
Allyssa said…
Wilmington looks beautiful! I can't get enough of those churches!
Marlen said…
these photos are beautiful! i love the interesting angles you took to capture the buildings. they're creative and lovely to look at

xo Marlen
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Ashley said…
Wilmington has some beautiful architecture. It's amazing how much thought, and money, is put into certain buildings. I love all the gorgeous little details. The trim, stonework, arches, etc. Perfect for a day of photography. :)

I've already read your posts about the food... like I needed another reason to visit Wilmington ;)
Tina Byland said…
Small town America. You should submit these somehow somewhere. They are great!
Sarah said…
Gorgeous!! I love crisp, sunny days like those. I've never been to Wilmington, and these photos make me want to visit!
Mree said…
Beautiful pictures!!! The street sign is my favorite!!
Rachel said…
Stunning photos!
Maggie Donnelly said…
Wow, these are beautiful photos!!! Also glad to hear from your comment that you enjoyed the super bowl game from the couch in the comforts of your own home, a great place to be!!!!

I don't have a twitter account yet, still working on that! =) I'll let you know when I do. Thanks for asking!

I hope your week is off to a great start!
Rachel said…
Thank you so much for your sweet comment! No I don't have a twitter account thank you so much for asking though!

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