lately: stress & savannah.

With the beginning of this new month - as well as the beginning of two more mini-session classes - has come a bit of a spike in my stress levels as of late. Don't get me wrong - I am thrilled to be back in school, &, nerd that I am, I am thoroughly enjoying learning again. But as the calendar progresses & the clock ticks by, I find myself overwhelmed at certain times of the day. And as weird as it sounds, I've been able to find momentary solace in coffee, of all things. Usually caffeine exacerbates stress (in my experience at least), so I find it strange that it has had a calming effect on me lately. I'll take it, though. Anything to feel a little bit more like a human being. What do you do to calm yourself when you're stressed? I'm going to do a little research on that very topic & share my findings & helpful articles soon (Hello, psych classes!).

In the meantime, though, The Office is providing a pretty satisfactory response.

Justin & I are getting ready to road trip down to Savannah, Georgia, where we'll be spending our Fourth of July holiday. He has been, I haven't, so I am really looking forward to experiencing another new city over here on the East Coast. I have two tests this morning, & he has work, & then we'll be off! I can't wait to take a ton of photos, since I haven't whipped out our DSLR in over a month. So, look for some Snapshot Series posts to come. I seriously cannot wait. If you'd like to follow along with our Georgia adventure in real time, follow me over on Instagram.


First, I have to say that while coffee isn't my thing, there's nothing better for me than starting my day just reading. Be it blogs, a book, articles on my favorite sites - I don't care, those are my calming moments! I'll often take blog breaks at work just for a refresher!

And I'm so, so envious of your trip to Savannah! It's on our travel list along with Tybee Island. :) Enjoy! I can't wait to see the photos!
Sarah said…
Good luck on your exams! It's so fun when you have an adventure planned for right after something stressful like exams. Have fun in Savannah! I have always wanted to go there, so I can't wait to see all of your photos. :)
I'm with you on the coffee thing - I think it's the ritual of it! It's totally calming. Hope your tests went well!

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