things i like.

I have no idea how it is Thursday already, but somehow, it is. And I have a test in one of my classes today. The coffee is on to brew, my alarm went off at precisely 6:15, & I couldn't be more thankful that today is my Friday. Call it the post-holiday-weekend blues. Call it exhaustion. It doesn't really matter what you call it... All I know is, I've been walking around like a zombie this week. And I don't like it.

Here is a list of things I do like:

There is a little coffee shop across the street from school, & their hot chocolate is ooey gooey & probably one million calories & absolutely delicious.
Sometimes I put my foundation on with my fingers, & sometimes I apply it with a flat-top powder brush from ELF. Lately, I've been reaching for the brush - & it is working really well with my foundations of choice [Namely: CoverGirl Clean & Rimmel London Clean Finish - reviews coming soon!].
I have plans for this mane of mine.
I never really got into The Knot, but The Nest is intriguing me with its community boards.
No need to explain this one, really. Although my definition of healthy seems to stray a bit from others', considering I devoured a banana cream pie that Justin brought home from a dinner last night... [oops?].
I should clarify - I mean bare fingernails. Bare toenails are something I avoid at all costs. But bare fingernails feel fresh & free latey... and undeniably summer.
See above.

What do you like right now?

photo | coffee cups drawn during developmental psychology | iphone


Emily Woodard said…
Right now, I like cups of tea and sitting outside in the morning. Those are two of the best parts of my day! I really like this post :)
Meg Cady said…
Right? Why are bare toenails so creepy!
Good luck on your test!
Kristin Saling said…
Just can't do bare toenails! I'm totally doodling coffee cups this week, too - I think I'm consuming my own coffee pot on a daily basis just to stay alive in class this week :p Happy weekend!
Joelle Duff said…
Haha so I vow to stay far, far away from the Knot community boards...are the Nest's any better? I just envision a whole lot of catty women driving each other crazy and being mean to the new girls. Please tell me I'm wrong...
siddathornton said…
i've found the nest to be a lot more user-friendly than the knot. right after i got engaged, i spent some time on the knot boards, & i hated it. some of those girls are mean!

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