remembering savannah today as i put together a few snapshot series posts

Well folks, I'm coming to you from the other side of one test & two presentations this week - & a week of barely sleeping (unless you count the two naps I took from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on consecutive days). When you've been removed from school for a while, I think you forget how much time & effort goes into things. I'm definitely being reminded in this summer mini session. 

In the time outside of school that I haven't been sleeping, I've been watching both The Office & New Girl. I love both of them. We are almost done with all eight of the seasons of The Office, & I have a strong feeling that when we do finish them, I'll start them right back over from the beginning. And Zooey Deschanel is my fashion icon. I just love her. [And this New Girl scene had me laughing out loud.]

beach reading:
- I loved reading Tiana's blogging perspective in this post. '...I never want this to be a space that fosters imitation. I want it to be raw, authentic, and at times even a little gritty. Beauty is everywhere. It's in everything.' That is largely what I'd like my blog to be like, & I just love the way she put it into words. And those London photos? Beautiful.
- Oh my goodness. Joy posted a recipe [and some tantalizing photos] of a lasagna grilled cheese recently. Though I doubt my attempt would turn out as well as hers, I may have to try my hand at it soon.
- I love this little peek at what Bekuh packed for her trip to L.A. It gave me a little inspiration for my Wardrobe Reconstruction series, coming soon.
- I'm a Fall Girl all the way, but this post from Megan Gilger reminded me of the simple joy of summertime. 

this week's posts:

Happiest of weekends to you all! 


Sarah said…
Yes, isn't Megan's blog wonderful?? I got so excited when I saw your link to her post. :) I hope that you get some restorative sleep soon and that the workload lightens soon enough!
siddathornton said…
luckily my sleeping pattern is almost back to normal, & two nights ago i had one of the best nights i've sleep in i don't even know how long. thank you for those thoughts! :)

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