It's late Friday morning, I'm getting ready to put together my to-do list for the day, & the rain is steady falling right outside our living room window. The warm yellowish glow of the lone lamp exudes light from my desk. And I can't tell you what a welcome respite today is, after walking around miserable - for no reason - this week.

Today's outfit board falls in tandem with this week's Friday's Fancies theme - tanked - even though the weather outside suggests fleece-lined hoodies & yoga pants as proper attire.

read about this saying's origin here

Though I haven't really been myself this week, I've still managed to collect some inspiration from around the internet to share in this space today. Blogging really opens up a little door in life - one filled with flowers & golden sunlight & warm cozy reading nooks - that can be accessed any time, any day, anywhere. And I can't adequately express what a comfort & haven it provides for me each week.

beach reading:
- Allyssa shared her favorite Chrome Extensions, & now I'm itching to try them out.
- Betsy referenced her review of Navel Gazing in one of her posts recently, & now I want to read this book.
- Nadine shared her Lazy Girl's Guide to Beauty, & now that sunscreen is on my shopping list.

It's been a week where, even though I've wanted to,  I haven't been writing. Like, anywhere. Last night, as we watched The Office, I sat down with my ink-&-paper journal & just willed myself to write something down - anything. And when I finally did, it felt good. I really, truly, am a writer at heart, & the craziness inside my head only seems to line up & make sense when it turns into the written word. 

This lack of writing has manifested itself in my blogging habits, also. I currently have about fifteen post ideas that I really want to will into fruition right now, but it just hasn't happened for me yet. Perhaps today I will sit down at my keyboard & turn some of these ideas into actualities. But, here is what I did manage to tap out over the course of this week...

When I think about this weekend, I think about early rising, lengthy brunches equipped with too many cups of coffee, little projects around the newly-cleaned house, & writing. Just, writing. 


Shon said…
Hi, just stopping by to say hi! I have been out of the loop for a while and wanted to say hi.

I love your look here and almost used the same tank. Your blog layout seems new to me too?? I am following you on Polyvore too.

Enjoy your weekend and happy writing.
Kristin Saling said…
Take that weekend brunch and enjoy it, and don't put the pressure on to write. It'll come. And as a terminal coffee-holic I must say that there is no such thing as too many cups of coffee.

Hope your day is looking up :)
Sarah said…
I can relate to that feeling of wanting to write yet not being able to do it. I have had so many thoughts swirling through my mind, and though I've started to put some of them into posts for my blog, it's been hard to just sit and trace a thought out to completion. I'm hoping to be better about getting some closure with my ideas this week.

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