around here lately: a glimpse at our first anniversary.

On Sunday, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We woke up in Charleston, had brunch at Poogan's Porch [definitely our favorite place we've thus far discovered in the Holy City], & ate thawed-out, year-old wedding cake. Here are some snaps to prove it.

saturday, october 12 was a beautiful day for a roadtrip
sidewalk art spotted in downtown charleston
an 'oink' adorned wall at jim & nick's BBQ, where we had lunch

a saturday afternoon spent at parson jack's, where there was money on the ceiling
[we watched the LSU-Florida game, & LSU won]
sunday morning anniversary brunch on the porch at our favorite, poogan's porch

we didn't take many pictures, but here's what we looked like on october 13, 2013
when we arrived home, we feasted on defrosted, year-old wedding cake

I think the first year is a big milestone as far as anniversaries go. True, Justin & I have been together for a lot longer than one year, but this was our first married year. And that made all of the difference. 

Here's to many, many more.


photos: taken during anniversary weekend | find them on instagram


siddathornton said…
Ha! Love that you're still eating wedding cake. lol
Happy Anniversary, friend!
siddathornton said…
Charleston is such an amazing city! I love everything about it. My Hubby and I went this Summer and practically bar hopped to every rooftop bar, it was a blast!
siddathornton said…
we love it, too! we haven't even experienced that many of its places, but we are smitten with its tranquility & beauty! [and the food we've had has been delish!]
siddathornton said…
thank you ma'am! :) we were skeptical of the whole 'eat a bite of the top tier of the wedding cake on your first anniversary,' but it wasn't as bad as people said it was going to be!
siddathornton said…
i agree - it's such a cool tradition. all of our friends have told us it's absolutely disgusting. i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised after hearing how gross it was going to be. maybe i just had my expectations set really low.
siddathornton said…
I love that you guys actually ate your wedding cake-- and that it actually wasn't too bad! We didn't save any of ours, but I'm hoping we can special order a smaller version when we're back up in New York over Thanksgiving. Mmmm, cake.
siddathornton said…
Well in that case I'll revert to my low expecatations so I won't be disappointed in two years. ;)

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