Thursday, October 17, 2013

charleston in october.

Are you tired of hearing about Charleston in this space yet? Well, worry not, because this will be the last post on the Holy City for awhile [you know, until our next visit]. 

When we rose early on Sunday morning, I went down to the hotel lobby for tea & honey. As I sipped, I hustled & bustled to get ready. And when we finally set foot on the streets of downtown Charleston, it was like a collective sigh was let loose: the buildings seemed to relax into themselves, the streets breathed easily. And we knew where we were headed: toward a creaky front porch covered with mums & pumpkins, toward Southern comfort food at its best, toward brunch. And as we left with full bellies, we decided to traverse a bit of the land laid before us. It was still early, so the stray twinkle lights here & there glowed from within & exuded that extreme comfort that they're sometimes known for. Shops & libraries still lay dormant, waiting for the hour to strike which brought with it the flow of customers. But it wasn't that hour yet, so they lay still, waiting & watching. Certain antique wares beckoned to us from the windows, while the theater tiles were changed out at the Riviera. We stopped to greet a dog who was collecting a crowd - he was 250 pounds, according to his owner - & he flopped onto his back, begging for a belly rub. And on the way back to the car, we saw Second Sunday going up all around us: tables brought out from restaurants & placed on the street, tents going up with knick knacks for the taking, a book sale on the lawn of the library, & the crowds beginning to converge. We watched sleepy King Street turn into bustling, crowded King Street. And we soaked up every minute of that last bit of sleepiness before the waking.

Want to see more photos? They're all over here.


photos: scenes from Charleston | taken October 13, 2013 | complete set here

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