happy halloween!

Is it weird that Halloween is the host of many of my favorite memories? There was just something about pulling on my long-awaited costume, my mom putting makeup on my face, grabbing my jack-o-lantern candy bucket, & heading out into the chilly night, flanked on either side by my parents, my sister beside me. There was something about feeling my candy bucket get heavier & heavier, realizing there would be a whole spread of treats to enjoy for days to come. There was just something about not being scared to knock on a stranger's door. There was just something about seeing that some of the adults handing out candy still dressed up, too. There was just something about the way our neighbors' houses smelled, that I can still smell today, when I think on it. There was just something about traipsing through my new neighborhood, with new friends, freshman year of high school. There's just something about Halloween, that's unlike any other day of the year. And I think it's that palpable autumn feeling, hanging around in the air.

Wishing you all a spooky little day of costumes, candy, & craziness [the good kind].


photo: moss in the trees of savannah, georgia | taken in July 2013


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