jackson snapshot: mother's day.

oh, we definitely got the glasses memo

Living far from home [1,020 miles, to be exact] is hard sometimes. I'm sure any who have trekked out of their hometown for any prolonged period of time can relate: you miss birthdays, weddings, baby showers... the list goes on. That's why Mother's Day this year was so special: I got to spend it with my mother. 

The day after Kara's graduation, we rose early & scooted over to her house, because for her, it was moving day. We carried boxes & mattresses downstairs, we fanned ourselves in the Mississippi heat & humidity, & sadly, not one photo was taken. Not even when we presented mom with her Mother's Day gift from Justin & me: a Japanese Maple for the yard back home at The Ontario House.

Luckily, though, we did think to snap a quick photo when we chowed down at Broad Street [our second visit of the trip - it's yummy] for Mother's Day lunch. Shortly after we ate, it was off to the airport & back to Wilmington, but the memories of this weekend stayed with me for long after.

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Today wraps coverage of our weekend in Jackson, Mississippi for Kara's graduation. I hope you enjoyed coming along. Next week, we will be revisiting Kara's trip to Wilmington, which came right after graduation weekend! She flew out the day after Mother's Day & spent a week with us. I'm looking forward to sharing our adventures here.


siddathornton said…
You all look so happy. :)
siddathornton said…
It was a very happy weekend!

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