Thursday, May 10, 2012

currents: raleigh + a bit of the mundane.


reading fifty shades of grey. scan.da.lous. beyond that, i have compiled quite a large list of books i'd like to read in the coming months, which i plan to share soon. i'm thinking of reviving the book list & wrap-up posts over here on siddathornton.

writing notes in my little notebook. items include a june shreveport playlist, a very important reminder, gift brainstorming, & currently, a currents list.

listening to traffic whiz by on the street in front of our building. there are a lot of big trucks on the road today. i wonder where they're going & what they're transporting?

thinking i should have practiced a bit more restraint when indulging in the raleigh delicacies yesterday. hitting the gym hard this afternoon.

smelling a weird combination of two scents: hot chocolate & sunflowers by elizabeth arden (a signature scent from high school, which i still sometimes wear & still always adore).

wishing for all future things to fall into place. i realize that is one layer-cake of an answer. i will reveal more as it all becomes concrete.

hoping hollie & phillip stay on idol tonight. hollie has come SUCH a long way, & phillip is already someone i know will be showing up on my future playlists. his rendition of volcano, by damien rice, was very, very good last night.

wearing a cropped eggplant blouse, a flared, black, high-waisted skirt, & sensible, black, well-worn-in flats. ready for a day at the office, no doubt.

loving both my maybelline mineral power powder foundation, as well as my neutrogena pink grapefruit cream cleanser. they are working wonders on my skin.

wanting a venti nonfat caramel macchiato. or green tea latte. or white chocolate mocha. or caramel apple cider. let's just make this simple & say 'starbucks.'

needing a very long, very hot shower, a very long sleep-in tomorrow morning, & a day spent reading & catching up on blogs. is it 5 o'clock yet? somewhere?

feeling spent. exhausted. but grateful. yesterday, i road-tripped it west over to raleigh to visit some dear friends from texas, jordan & jim! we toured the north carolina historic state capitol building, the north carolina museum of natural sciences, & the north carolina museum of art. we lunched at 518 west, enjoying brick oven pizzas, pasta, & fluffy bread with balsamic vinegar. our afternoon pick-me-up was acquired at reverie: a coffee den. justin joined us just in time for dinner at the pit, a local barbecue favorite. it rained on us almost the entire time - luckily, i wore my boat shoes! hanging out with those two really was a breath of fresh air & therapy for the soul. i laughed almost the entire day & really enjoyed getting to know raleigh.

tomorrow is the weekend. that alone is cause to celebrate!

ps - photos from my raleigh adventure coming soon!

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Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

We loved the 50 Shades Trilogy!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

the sunday currently, volume 125.

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