friday's fancies #29: a day at the derby.

outfitted in these vintage chanel earrings, 
gorgeous, summery fendi heels, preppy paule ka flare dress, 
fire-engine-red harlow satin envelope clutch, festive cream belfry hat, &, of course, some bright red ysl lipstick, i think i can take on each mint julep as my day at the derby drags leisurely on.

meet me at the track?
friday's fancies #29: a day at the derby.

happy weekend!

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My dear I am loving your look! It's simple, chic and sassy all rolled into one, love it! Cheers! And *fingers crossed* that Liasion wins! Have a wonderful weekend.
ashlyn williams said…
LOVE your outfit. that dress is so cute paired with the red clutch! have a great weekend.

xx. ashlyn
Lauren said…
Love the red and those earrings! Perfect for KY derby style!
This outfit is super gorgeous! Great job putting it together :)
Little Rus said…
I saw the shoes before anything else. :) Very beautiful look! x
The perfect prep/chic outfit for the derby! Love the colors! Have a great weekend!
Nicole said…
Way cute! Wish I had a derby event to go to!
Cheryl Enlow said…
I am so in love with this outfit. You hit it right on! Pure perfection.
Annie said…
This is a fabulous derby inspired outfit! What a pretty dress, and love the bright red clutch with it :)

The Other Side of Gray
Roxy said…
how perfect are those earrings?? love your entire look! have a great weekend!!
Amy Shaughnessy said…
Hey! I'm in Louisiana too! (S'port). Are you still in Ruston? My sister went to Tech and now teaches freshman English at Ruston High. Small world!

Super cute..... I love it all!
Julie Merryman said…
That dress is gorgeous. I love it so much! I love the flower on the hat too, I'm a huge fan. Great picks for the Derby!
Giovanna said…
Such a cute derby look! Loving the dress and heels!

Sienna said…
great look for the derby!!
His Little Lady said…
those hats always look like so much fun!!! and a bright red lip is definitely a must!
xo TJ
Nikell said…
Oh those shoes and that hat...LOVE(^_^)

Have a fabulous weekend,
Kate said…
Those shoes! That dress! I love this outfit! The accessories you chose are perfect!
so anthro said…
This. is. perfect. Could not pick a favorite item if I tried!! So Derby-ready :)
I love that dress! Such a classy outfit :)
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those sandals are too cute!
Jess said…
That dress would have been perfect for the derby! I loved seeing all the fashion choices this weekend!!!
Nicole Rene said…
cute outfit!! :) I especially love that hat!

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