fifty shades: first impressions.

the other day, i told my friend laura that i was considering picking up the first book in the fifty shades trilogy - fifty shades of grey. as both of us love reading, we often suggest books to each other, as well as discuss reads currently on our radars.

oooh, i'm reading it now, she said.

it's scandalous. 

i tucked her impression into the back of my mind, wondering just how scandalous it could be. i knew of its growing popularity: a few weeks ago, i saw that its display in books-a-million had been completely torn apart, leaving no copies of the first book & a tiny smattering of the second & third. 

i caught snippets of reviews on twitter, which likened the series to the twilight saga, all the while driving home the point of its illicit crudeness, of its no-holds-barred approach to the main characters' relationship.

and, finally, due to a combination of all of the above, 
i finally swooped into barnes & noble & took captive 
my very own copy of the novel in question. 

i'll be quite frank with you. i was nothing short of appalled at its explicitness. 
many times, i wondered aloud to myself, 

how is it that this can be readily available to any person walking through a book store?

are people under the age of eighteen allowed to buy this book?

[this called to mind unwelcome thoughts of the romance novel section i've always avoided in book stores.]

but at the same time, i was completely sucked in to the story, completely at the mercy of the pages turned, wanting to know the fates of the people with whom i'd grown so closely [and graphically] acquainted. 

i will say, however, that i feel parts of the story, as well as aspects of the characters themselves, unsettlingly echo that of the twilight books. in areas, it feels a little blatant. i also drew some parallels between the book & the film cruel intentions, as i watched this particular favorite of mine on sunday night.

apparently, though, none of the above criticisms have quelled my insatiable pull toward these books. i am nearly half way through the second installment, fifty shades darker, & i'll be honest & tell you that an immediate trip to the nearest book store will be made, as soon as the final page of this tome has been turned. 

i'll conclude with a simple sentiment - 

if you're looking for an easy - albeit guilty pleasure - read... a page-turner, if you will - read these books. if you're looking to be astounded by an immense work of literary fiction - steer clear.


Jenna said…
I just started reading the first one! I am having a difficult time getting into it since the writing is so bad, and the fact that Ana refers to herself as "Steele" in her head and is ALWAYS thinking, "Get it together, Steele!" or Crap! She sounds like a boy to me, and it's driving me insane!!! Meeeeeehhhh!! I just want to get to the juicy parts already! lol
I just started reading, too! I'm so nervous to see just HOW intense it'll get........but the writing style is definitely a road block!
I'm so intrigued by this series. I'm not a reader at all! But I must admit I am curious to know what the fuss is about. Maybe I need to pick up my own copy.
I picked up it not nothing anything about it (I did the same over the hype with the hunnger games). But after I read it, was motified that I strolled through Target with it in my cart when I was with my little boys. I am with you that there should be a warning label! And the writing, o so terrible, but an intriguing story nonetheless.
I've not heard a lot about it, but am torn if I want to read it. We shall see what I decide. ;) xoxo A-
Ashley said…
I'm wondering whether I should jump on this Band Wagon :-)
Jayme and Mendi said…
We loved this trilogy!! We weren't bothered by the writing at all...I mean I was an English major but this book isn't trying to be the next "classic". But the story was fabulous and even the scandalous parts were awesome: shocking, funny, jaw dropping, exciting...everything! Funny too because they were behind the counters at our B&N.
Christian and!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Erin Reissig said…
I've been thinking about reading this series. I am still undecided..
Anonymous said…
I read all 3 in less than a week. You are right.. it's a page turner!!

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