weekend finds.

mondays tend to be a little bit difficult. 
saying goodbye to the weekend, trekking back to work, 
& a whole new slew of responsibilities & plans. 
but maybe just a little bit of inspiration 
will help you out of the back-to-the-grind funk...

- youtube beauty guru [emilynoel83] is one of the most informative makeup & beauty enthusiasts i've ever come across. she is informative, entertaining, and extremely knowledgable. 

- i am in love with the bridesmaids' necklaces from [this wedding]. perhaps providing inspiration for my girls on the big day? the hunt now begins...

- i came across a quote i really enjoyed while reading the [may real simple] the other day: 

"other people have windows overlooking a cityscape, the mountains, or the water, but the crab-apple tree is the 'view' we see from our bedroom window, the ever changing vista that my husband and i watch as we drink coffee in bed on the mornings when we have a little extra time." - francine prose

- justin bought me a [nook color] on saturday night! my excitement has been unrelenting. after i finish my paper copy of fifty shades darker, i will christen my nook with the final installment of the series, fifty shades freed. i have already begun reading dracula on my lovely e-reader - it's a book i've always wanted to read.

- the new editing capabilities on [photobucket] have kept my attention for the past few days; i feel they'll soon become an integral part of my blogging experience. plus, it's just plain fun!

- justin found an interesting article on [why law school is still worth it]. an interesting read.

- only recently have i discovered that some of my material has been [pinned on pinterest]. i wish you could have seen the massive grin that spread across my face upon this discovery.

here's to a productive week!


Ashley said…
Oohh...I do love that pearl necklace. I have one pretty similar that I got from Ann Taylor. Maybe try there?
Jayme and Mendi said…
Congrats on getting the Nook. Fun! And let us know what you think when you finish the Fifty trilogy. :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
lori said…
okay those bridesmaid necklaces are SO CUTE! and i kind of loved everything about that wedding, actually.

and i love my nookcolor! im finishing 50 shades of grey... probably tomorrow... and i love that i can download the 2nd and 3rd books immediately, no trip to the bookstore needed!

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