friday's fancies #30: little yellow dress.

color crush!
i chose yellow because, while it is one of my favorite colors, my wardrobe is definitely lacking in this hue. and, on the occasion of my 30th link up, i thought i'd go all out with one of the most expensive items i've featured on here to date: a $6,000 dress! 
[i can say with relative certainty that i will never, ever own a dress that comes with that price tag].

friday's fancies #30: little yellow dress.

this week is exciting, not just because of the awesome theme, color crush, but also because today marks my 30th friday of linking up with {av} over on {long distance loving}. i have to say - i absolutely love this link up & i am so glad that she continues to think up creative prompts, as well as styling beautiful outfits herself each week. so, thank you {av}, for facilitating the growth of such an amazing community.

happy friday! i will be spending today catching up on blogs, reading, & relaxing.

link up: friday's fancies on {long distance loving}


Jayme and Mendi said…
A girl's allowed to dream! No harm in picking a $6,000 dress. That's what Friday's Fancies are for! Congrats on your 30th Link-iversary. ;)

Sounds like you have a perfect Friday planned! I'm jealous. All I can do is sneak in a little blogging while I work. (haha) Enjoy!

We went with hot orange for our color crush. Literally, we can't get enough of that shade right now. :) We'd love for you to stop by & take a look!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
Swede Dreamer said…
I think the little yellow dress is fabulous and that chic. Hope you will pop over to see my color crush as well! Angie
linz marie said…
Stephanie said…
That dress is gorgeous!
Megan C. Stroup said…
Yellow is such a great color, if you can find the right things to wear it with. I love the clutch you found! Very cute.
so anthro said…
LOVE yellow this time of year!! What a fun and happy dress!
That yellow dress is so beautiful!
Loved the combination!

If you want, check out my blog:
Shea said…
I just started linking up to Friday's Fancies and I love it too! This is such a pretty color combination too--what a stunner of a yellow dress!
I love, love, love yellow too! Such a great color! xoxo A-
Charlotte said…
Looooove that dress! So cute!

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