love lists: april.

these little love lists are probably
some of my favorite posts to write. 
here are the products i've been loving
in the fourth month of two thousand twelve.

1. eos lip balm in summer fruit.
finally! i've been wanting to try this lip balm for far too long (like four years too long). i think the novelty of the shape makes me like it more than i would otherwise. i can't wait to try the other flavors, especially the minty one!

2. derm store lip quench lip balm.
i received this in my april glam bag, & i've used it almost every day since! it's very conditioning & smells delicious. i've been using it as a night-time lip conditioner.

3. coconut oil.
ever since viewing this video on youtube, i've been using coconut oil to condition both my hair & skin about once a week. i like to run it through damp hair, throw said hair up into a top knot, & sleep on it. it does take a couple washes to get it completely out, but the results are amazingly soft, hydrated hair. as for skin, i sub it for my body lotion once per week, & my skin loves me for it. you can find coconut oil in almost any drug store, walmart, target, or place beauty products are sold.

4. wet-n-wild lipsticks in shades 511B, 520E, & 519A.
i stumbled upon a sale in walgreens the other week that was practically giving these babies away, at 69 cents a pop. i scooped up three colors, & i have to say, 511B is proving to be the favorite. a con to these is that they are extremely drying - but that flaw led me to a technique that they work with perfectly. first, i slather on a healthy amount of carmex lip balm. then, i get a bit of the lipstick on my finger & apply it over the top of the balm. the instant lip stain effect makes these bright shades wearable & even longer-lasting.

5. jergens natural glow daily moisturizer, firming.
in an effort to appear more bronzed, i've been applying this old familiar favorite after each shower. still works like a charm.

6. yes to cucumbers sensitive skin soothing eye gel. 
i've been using this as my night-time eye cream, & not only does it smell delicious, but it has worked to keep my under-eye area hydrated & redness-&-puffiness free. the smell alone is reason enough to try out this product. it's fresh, sweet, & has the tiniest hint of floweriness. i was not expecting this product to smell like that at all. it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

7. reading inspirational blogs. 
i discuss this a little more in-depth in the video below, but i've been really inspired by some of my favorite bloggers lately. go read them here, here, here, & here.

8. forever21. 
this store is admittedly hit or miss for me, but lately, it's been nothing but a hit. between nautical striped shirts (that i bought three of in the same color, seriously), delicate necklaces, chunky, color-blocked heels, etc. (the list could go on), i can't seem to stop going in there & picking up new things! i've also found some really cute headbands in there lately. think floral. think neon. they have it all.

9. colorful pops of eyeliner. 
after i received the urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in ransom (a nice, bright purple shade) in my glam bag, i quickly became addicted to adding a little colorful pop to my upper lash line. i also picked up a wet-n-wild coloricon eyeliner in 662B, green. it works beautifully as well, & lets me change up my color pop from day to day. as it was picked up in the same walgreens sale - & rung up at 69 cents also - it goes without saying that i'm waiting for the same sale to come around again.

10. using my glam bags. 
for those who have not yet given in to the craze that is glam bag, i should tell you that each month's beauty products come placed in a different patterned, mini makeup bag each month. i've been using mine to store jewelry when i travel, as well as for my on-the-go handbag makeup bag. not only are the bags precious, they're utilitarian! if you're not a member of glam bag, be sure to check it out.

into watching vlogs? 
check out my corresponding april favorites video here, or simply click below to watch!

next month, i'm going to try to film with one of my cameras. 
hoping for better lighting, better photo quality, & no more 'mirror images.'


Natalie said…
Loving this post! That EOS lip balm is the best, I have the mint one and use it all the time. Also, coconut oil is my new favorite beauty product! It works wonders on my skin and hair! Great post.
Melanie said…
Love your blog!

Those EOS lip balms are awesome =) I have a Jergens Natural Glow body lotion that I haven't started using yet so I'm looking definitely forward to trying that out!
Morgan said…
LOVE coconut oil! Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment over at The Jem Journal this past weekend. I am now following you. Have an amazing week!
I love Wet 'n Wild's low prices! It allows me to try out shades without feeling guilty about paying for it.
Sam | ashore said…
well, you know I'm a big time fan of your vlogs - and I can't wait for your skin care video! I am so superstitious about my make-up routine, that I really love getting introduced to new products from a source I trust!

I was playing this one in my headphones (listening to it like a podcast) to entertain me while I was doing a boring task at work- and when you got to #7 it totally made me choked up. So incredibly encouraging, Lauren!
Aw I can't watch your vlog while I'm at work but thank you so so much for mentioning me on your blog today =)

Nicole Rene said…
wow this is just what I needed!!!!! I have been TRYING & failing at finding 1. something to really hydrate my skin, 2. under eye cream and now I really wanna try the cucumber eye stuff & coconut oil! Thanks for sharing! :) this was super helpful!
Ashley said…
I definitely need to check out some of these beauty products. I am also in need of a Forever 21 trip. A few hours to myself searching through piles of clothes!!
Organized Danie said…
I love #'s 1, 3, 6, and 9!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are too cute! When are you getting married? My wedding is in 2.5 months, eek!
Stephanie said…
Sounds like I need to get to Forever 21!
Giovanna said…
Fun post!! I'm loving how you bought 3 striped tops! lol I went a little crazy and bought 3 pearlsnap shirts this weekend in 3 different colors--it's so hard to pass up a good deal! lol I'm going to have to check out what this glam bag is about!

Samantha Green said…
ahh i love this idea! i've been wanting to try coconut oil for a while now -- i'm going to purchase some this week and will try it your way :) xx

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