simple pleasures: a combo + a natural phenomenon.

Classic Glam Blog when i first heard about this link up over on classic & glam,
i knew i was going to love it. i love taking time
out of the hustle & bustle of the every day,
to focus on the simple things that make life a little bit sweeter. 

today, there are a couple of things on my mind,
making my day better, however incrementally.
so i figured i'd do what i do best & list them out. 

1. a combination. 

what two things combined today to make me ultra happy? well, none other than sugar free red bull & peanut m&ms. and this isn't the first time this duo put a smile on my face - in fact, back in shreveport, it happened often. you see, i have this habit... right after a hard workout, i will often pop into a store like wal mart or target, to peruse their makeup section, perhaps... or to scope out the dvd section. and well, today was no different. i ambled into the kinston walmart, ready to take a gander at the goods in the makeup section, pick up a coffee mug, & scoop up a bottle of some vitamins i've been meaning to get my hands on. as i prepped for the checkout line, i had a thought. and it involved candy. and red bull. i'm sure you can see where this is headed. i don't know what it is about the creamy chocolate, the rich peanuts, & the fizzy carbonation that makes me so happy, but oh, it does. 

2. today's weather.

when it rains here, i like to sit in the living room, pull the blinds all the way up so the windows are completely open, & read blogs. or write. or read a magazine. or watch the food network.

on the agenda for today? all of the above. 

what are your simple pleasures this week? go link up with classic & glam & let everyone know. 

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link up: simple pleasures on classic & glam


Halle said…
I totally agree- rainy days are the best sometimes! ;)

Thanks for linking up gal!
Peanut M&M's....yummy! I don't like red bull but I'd sure take a can of coke zero. Simple pleasures are wonderful!

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