friday's fancies #31 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #31: memorial day on the beach.

oh, to be on the beach at a bbq.
cold drink in my hand. 
music pouring from the speakers.
this love dress.
this jemima hat.
this essie hue on my toes.
this playful blue nile necklace.


dear motivation to eat well, please come back. dear laura, thank you so much for taking charge & getting my bachelorette party planned. and thank you for my upcoming shower! dear 2505, thank you for the endless entertainment in the form of work emails. and text convos. and real convos. and skype convos. dear mom, thank you for letting me contact you every time i encounter a social media overshare. i'm grateful that someone else understands that these kind of updates are unacceptable & something to be frowned upon. dear justin, thank you so much for my nook! i am in love with it, as well as the two books i'm currently reading on it: dracula & fifty shades freed. dear dad, i'm so glad you're reading the girl who played with fire. that is my favorite of the girl with the dragon tattoo series. dear kara, i'm glad you share my love of lazy days & endless strings of tv shows. and i'm so glad we get to hang out in the next couple weeks when i come home to visit. dear lindsey, i miss you. and i love our engagement photos. and i've been loving your emails this week. dear soldiers, thank you. dear weekend, please be a relaxing source of rejuvenation & recharging. justin & i both need it. dear bloggers, keep on truckin. this week was a completely non-inspired week for me. but i'm going to keep on keeping on. dear hair, get ready for a change coming up in a couple weeks. you're going to love me for it, i just know. dear justin, thank you AGAIN for your encouragement in everything i set out to do. thank you for helping me brainstorm blog features. thank you for being creative & helpful & unfailingly supportive.


happy weekend!

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Magnolia_Mom said…
I am so there with ya on the motivation to eat healthier and to have a relaxing weekend! :)
Nicole Rene said…
I am loving that dress! It is reaaly cute! Anyway, have a great weekend!
Ashley Slater said…
so with you on the uninspired week thing---- but that mostly had to do with my feeling a lot under the weather! I hope your motivation to eat right comes back soon--it is full swing bikini season girl! haha

Totally loving your dress! It's so fun! I hear you on the relaxing weekend. Hope yours is very relaxing and just the thing you need to get rejuvenated for next week. I hope mine is too :)
Laura said…
That dress is adorable! Happy Friday :)

Laura xo
That dress is too cute, girl! Enjoy your weekend!! xo
Organized Danie said…
Love this outfit! I used the same necklace today too, haha. Have a great weekend!
Alissa said…
I have a similar hue of Essie polish on my toes right now. Love it!

I also love big hair changes...excited to see what you do. Have a great weekend!
★ JASMINE ★ said…
Love your letters girly! Happy friday!! ♥!!

Oh! and LOVING that dress!!
Sam said…
Love that dress! Enjoy the long weekend!
Ashley said…
I also need that motivation to eat well.

Can't wait to see what you're doing with your hair!
Frankie said…
Oh I need to find my motivation to eat well as well. It's quite elusive!
That outfit is PERFECT! Too bad it's cold in LA. But as soon as it heats up I want to re-create this look :)
SweetMarie83 said…
I really, really love your letters. :-) I had to laugh when you said you contact your mum when you encounter a social media overshare - I do the same thing! I just want to wring some peoples' necks for the totally inappropriate things they share, but at the same time it makes me laugh, and I just have to share it with my mum because she gets how much it annoys me. Have a fantastic weekend!
Alyssa said…
I hate social media overshares! :( There is a time and a place for everything and I don't think social media is ever the place!
lori said…
that dress is adorable! and i feel ya on eating healthy... i've been working out lately, but all i crave is carbs!!
Sarah said…
LOVE the simplicity of this - perfect for anything this weekend! And cute! What great thinking :) Love your blog!
Amanda said…
I am obsessed with this look. I think I need this dress!
Hope you had a great weekend!
Love this outfit and your letter!! I am a new follower and found you through Long Distance Loving. Can't wait to read more posts :)

Bettina said…
Love this dress it's so flowy and perfect for Summer! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!

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