only tuesday.

It can't only be Tuesday, right?

I feel like I've done enough so far this week, to justify it being at least Wednesday. But who knows, maybe that is just my excitement talking, because at the end of this week, we'll be headed toward Shreveport... headed toward our families... headed toward our friends.

As it stands, right now, almost all of our laundry is done, all of the dishes are clean & put away, & I can currently be found sitting in Starbucks, getting ready to launch into an essay-writing session. Oh, & I finally got a run in earlier today... 3 miles... which I am extremely happy about. I feel so much better, having done that.

Maybe it is good that it's only Tuesday. There are still floors to be vacuumed. There are blog posts to write. Jobs to apply for, for when we arrive back in Wilmington after the first of the year. Application materials to mail off. Books to read. Knitting projects to knit.

Yes. Maybe it is a good thing it's only Tuesday, indeed.


siddathornton said…
Sounds like a great start to the week. Have so much fun visiting your family!! :)
siddathornton said…
It sounds like you've had a productive start to the week! I hope it flies by for you. :)
siddathornton said…
Your week started off well I see, I hope the rest goes by smooth as well! x

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