a close call indeed.

Well, we thought my trusty MacBook was kaput.

It was our last night in Nashville, & I was getting ready to put together a little post about the food we'd experienced on our travels thus far. I got out of the shower, post-workout, & Justin told me my computer had crashed & wasn't re-booting. He tried for a long time that night to fix it [he's somewhat of a computer whiz, if you didn't know], but nothing was working. Our last hope was one of the disks my computer came with [which somehow I've held onto since I got this computer in 2010... a small miracle, folks], & luckily, it worked!

I'm so glad my laptop is back in working order, but that little interruption of services means that my blogging schedule was thrown off a bit, & with finals happening this week, I don't know if I'll catch back up for the next few days or not. We shall see, folks, we shall see.

Here's what you can expect coming up on the blog soon:
a food post from our travels
an around here lately post from our travels
some more posts where i just write, kind of like this one
mayyyyybe a christmas wish list post - i haven't decided yet
probably a friday's fancies post
... and, of course, the sunday currently.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week. Good luck if you're having finals, like I am!


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