saturday things.

things that have happened today:
sleeping in ridiculously late
breakfast for lunch at our favorite diner/second home
christmas shopping from the couch

things that need to/will happen tomorrow:
early rising & trudging off to starbucks
generating & publishing the sunday currently
completing all application materials
cleaning the house... well, maybe that can wait for monday...

And, I mean... maybe my inbox needs a little bit of attention. What do you think?


siddathornton said…
My sisters mailbox looks like that and I just tell ask her does she even care to look a who's sending her mail lol. I delete mine as soon as the come in if they arent needed. New follower, xx
siddathornton said…
I cleared mine out last night, & I automatically felt one million times better! Most of mine is junk mail that I need to un-subscribe to.

Thank you for being here & reading! :)

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