Monday, December 12, 2011

a little glimpse of kinston.

on saturday night, justin text-messaged me this pretty little photo of his current city - my soon-to-be city - in north carolina. our new town is not a large one - in fact, it's around the same size as our quaint college town: ruston, louisiana.

i cannot express how much joy this little photo brought me - how much it increased the already-present christmas feeling in my heart - knowing that my new town was one that felt compelled to wrap its trees in twinkle lights, creating a parade route of sorts, down the main street.

just the other night, i was telling my mom how happy it makes me that my hometown, shreveport, louisiana, hangs twinkling wreaths, christmas trees, & other such holiday images from its lamp posts for the winter. if you stand at the end of the main street, & gaze down it without really honing in on each detail, a holiday glow is emitted - nondescript, twinkly goodness. and it just makes things feel more festive, more full-of-life. the winter chill in the air then feels more exhilirating, instead of just plain old annoying cold.

not only do i thank this photo - this little glimpse of kinston - for reminding me of the joy of the holidays, but i also thank it for reminding me that soon, i will be living there with my best friend. soon, we will be starting a brand new life there, together. soon, we will be having movie nights with diet coke & sweets. soon, we will be discovering recipes together to cook in our kitchen. soon, we will be fighting over whose turn it is to do our laundry.

soon, we will be together again.

not to mention, soon i will finally be visiting our new town. i'm so excited to see where justin has been living & working. it's so strange that we're not in the same city - or even the same state - right now.  

photo: taken by justin, with his iphone


memory said...

haha i love that about the movie nights. you make this so magical, i love it.

Jenna @ said...

Awww!! There are just so many things I love about this post. I am excited for you to finally get to visit Justin and your new town soon too! :) It really looks so charming and inviting- just from that one simple photo!

My Life as Whitney said...

You will love North Carolina! Pretty much my whole family lives there except me. :-)

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