book club: to kill a mockingbird.

last night, i attended my second-to-last shreveport book club meeting, before i move to kinston.

the meeting was held at diane's, & right upon walking up to her front door, i was greeted with this cute chalkboard illustration. diane is such a crafty gal, so i wasn't surprised to see such a nice touch.

since our bookclub likes to coordinate the cuisine of the night to the book we've read for the month, southern fare was the obvious choice this time. from the fried chicken, greens, homemade potato salad, & avocado-laden goodies... to the lemon bars, french king cake, red velvet treats, & chocolate chip cookies, there was not a dish i did not try or did not like. this group of girls knows their cooking!

embarrassingly enough, i did not make time to read to kill a mockingbird this month. but it was not without effort - every time i went to the library, it was closed for a different holiday. i suppose i could have popped into barnes & noble, but i never did.

but the enlightening dicussion we had in relation to this classic has piqued my interest once again. i do remember reading this book in middle school, & now i have a hankering to read it again. we'll see.

it should go without saying that one of the things i'll miss most about shreveport when i make my way up to kinston, is book club. i look back on this past year, & these meetings with these lovely, creative ladies yield nothing but fond memories. and i certainly think that is something to be thankful for. so, thank you, girls!

photo: iphone


linz marie said…
oh, ya know, it was nothing {wink,wink!} I love these book club nights too my dear. They are really motivating and inspiring. ps- I still am uncomfortable talking about you leaving, so I'm just going to ignore it.
so anthro said…
So sweet, I recently joined a book club and now it's one of my favorite parts of living here! You must join or start another in your new home :)
Summer-Raye said…
I want to join a book club!

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