love lists: january.

january has been a whirlwind month of planning. with a big move coming up, as well as an impending wedding, & you'll understand why i've been a busy, excited girl. although january is definitely one of my least favorite months, i still managed to pull together a list of things i've loved. 

1. bath & body works 'be enchanted' spray.
2. nyc high definition volume mascara.

3. essie 'jag-u-are.'
4. urban decay naked2 palette (esepcially 'ydk').
5. garnier nutritioniste moisture rescue refreshing gel cream.
6. simple jewelry.
7. 'parisian chic,' by ines de la fressange.
8. top knots.
9. c.o. bigelow mentha lip tint in 'violet mint.'
10. revlon lip butter in 'pink truffle.'

also, since i enjoyed filming my first ever vlog so much, 
i thought i'd film an accompanying video for my favorites:

here's hoping february is both productive & relaxing.


Meagan Shack said…
Your videos make me miss being around you:)
Anonymous said…
Great finds!
Stephanie said…
So many fun products!!
linz marie said…
Fra-eench book?? you're cute- you're videos are cute. Keep it up :)

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