love lists: february.

as the saying goes,

better late than never...

here are ten things i was loving for the month of february:

1. gossip girl.
i still haven't gotten completely caught up, but i plan to tackle that responsibility soon.

2. peonies.
directly related to number one. but it's true; i am now in love with them.

3. revlon lip butter in the shade berry smoothie.
when will i stop buying these things? probably never. this one is my favorite so far.

4. wet-n-wild's spring nail polish line.
at $1.99 a pop, & with a salon-style brush, how can i resist? i currently own four of the shades (wet cement, through the grapevine, on a trip, & i need a refresh-mint). but if i'm honest with myself, i know i'll soon have scooped all of them up. my favorites so far are wet cement & through the grapevine.

5. wearing earrings in my second piercing in each ear. 
does this make sense? i am wearing two earrings in each ear - pink sapphires my parents gave me for my birthday, & some smaller pearls. 

6. reading timeline, by michael crichton.
my dad has been suggesting this book for ages, & i decided it was time to give it a read. i'm on page 128, & it's starting to get really good.

7. taking part in the february photo-a-day challenge over on fat mum slim.
i loved it so much, i'm doing it again this month. i plan to post the photos in 10-day increments this time, instead of every monday, like i was doing for february. you can see my february posts here, here, here, & here (and there will be one more coming to wrap up february).

8. white roses.
justin was sweet enough to have flowers delivered to me on valentine's day this year. alongside my long-time favorite - orange roses - he chose white roses. he told me they signify new beginnings, of which we are currently experiencing a lot. i love it. thank you, justin!

9. if you have to cry, go outside, by kelly cutrone.
this was our selection for february's book club meeting. i loved her, & i can't wait to read her other book.

10. the purchase of my wedding dress.
no explanation necessary.

into watching vlogs? 
check out my corresponding february favorites video here, or simply click below to watch!

cute still frame, huh?


Anonymous said…
I've been eyeing those wet n wild nail polishes. Looks like I will have to scoop a few up!
Love the list!
YAY! Congrats on the wedding dress!! :)
Ashley said…
I love your love list posts. Such a great idea! Woohoo on finding a wedding dress!!!
Annie said…
i also have two piercings in each ear and i love having the second ones. i still wear the same earrings used to pierce them, haha.

i love orange roses. they're not my favorites - those are tiger lilies - but they're a very close second. so pretty! & white roses are too!
memory said…
You're the cutest! Loved hearing you talk in real life on your vlog :) Your hair looks great, so does your make-up and I just love that scarf.


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