a husband's birthday.

Last year, Justin had to wake up obscenely early for work on his birthday. He had to travel from Kinston to Jacksonville, with an extremely long day ahead of him. We were pinching pennies, anticipating our upcoming wedding, so I gifted him with a surprise breakfast: homemade pancakes, with syrup, whipped cream, & strawberries. 

Things are decidedly different this year. We're married now. We are living in Wilmington. He works regular hours, with no travel involved. I have bought a couple of little gifts, that I think he'll really enjoy. And, we'll get to go out for birthday dinner tonight. Maybe I'm biased, but I think this year is better.

In my family, we have a ritual for birthdays. And this morning, Justin was initiated by way of the ritual. I hope this one is his best birthday yet. He sure does deserve it.

Happy Birthday, Justin! 

photo: justin in charleston \ nikon


Jess said…
Last year sounds good, but yeah, this year sounds much better! Hope you guys have a delicious and fun dinner!

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Heather said…
oh how fun!! I love birthdays:) havea great time celebrating!
Rachel said…
Awe how fun! Happy birthday to your hubby!
Lindsey said…
Happy Happy Birthday- from all of us to you - HEY!
Jeannette WithTwoNs said…
Yay! It's so fun how your lives evolve as time goes on and how it changes your marriage. It's fun to look back on the times where you had less and how you improvise but it's so nice to see where you've come from and where you are!
Ashley Jane said…
Happy Birthday to your husband! Isn't it funny how things change. We've had some penny pinching birthdays over the years too. Hope your husband had a wonderful day.

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