a loved one's achievement.

Recently, my mom was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, an honor society of nursing. I was thrilled to be able to attend: not only am I proud of her, but as I sat in the audience, & when I stood to take the above photos, I found myself reflecting on the fact that the achievements of others - especially those you love - are infectious. As I watched her walk across the stage, my feeling of happiness & pride was overwhelming, as if I were up there myself. My mom has worked hard over the years in her career as a nurse: working weekends, working holidays, & even working nights. I feel like her recent achievements have made it all worth it, & the lesson rings loud & true for me: hard work pays off.
Congratulations, Mom.


Angela Gardiner said…
What a wonderful achievement for your mother! And so wonderful that you were there to share that moment!
Hard work does pay off. Sometimes it's not easy along the way, but the benefits and rewards will be so worth it!
Allyssa said…
That's awesome! Congrats to her!
Ashley said…
Congratulations to your mom! That's awesome. It's funny how things like that are a bit contagious. When you really love someone all you want to do is see them happy and achieving great things. :)
DJ said…
Congrats to your mom on her a)achievement and b) fashion sense. I love that dress!

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