sidda just loves books.

I don't widely advertise the existence of my Tumblr*, mainly because I use it only to catalogue Instagram photos. Why do I need to catalogue Instagram photos, you ask? Because doesn't Instagram do that for you? Well, I suppose I do it just for the sake of having a Tumblr. Back in 2010, when Tumblr was the thing, I used to go on there & re-blog what I called inspiration photos. However, after Pinterest got going & the issue of proper sourcing came up, I ditched that form of blogging & hung tight with creating my own content, so I would know I was sourcing properly.

Now that we've gotten that little spiel out of the way,  I can get to the point of today's Blog Every Day In May prompt: a favorite quote. 

I mentioned my Tumblr page, because my Tumblr page happens to house one of my all-time favorite quotes in its header:

Sidda can't help herself. She just loves books. Loves the way they feel, the way they smell, loves the black letters marching across the white pages...

The quote comes from one of my all-time favorite books - Little Altars Everywhere - by one of my all-time favorite authors - Rebecca Wells.

And while you're reading this, you might be noticing some things. Like, for instance, that my blog is called siddathornton... & my Tumblr is called siddalee. And that the character in the quote is named Sidda. Obviously, these aren't mere coincidences. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a couple of my blog friends, why my blog is called siddathornton, & I felt that this was as appropriate a time as any - considering my sharing of this particular quote - to explain. And the explanation is simple, really: I am in complete & utter love with Rebecca Wells' books that focus on the relationship between Vivi & Sidda. Thus, when faced - years ago - with the problem of creating a Twitter handle I was certain no one would be able to decode as myself**, I quickly - almost subconsciously - typed out the word siddathornton. Sidda, for Siddalee, my favorite character in Wells' books; and Thornton, the Louisiana town where the story takes place.

And that's that. If you haven't read Wells' books, I suggest you give them a try. They aren't for everyone, as they do tend to be a little dark, but you may just find yourself falling into the sisterhood, devouring each of the little black letters, marching across the white pages.

*well, i guess now i do
**that went out the window a long time ago



I was always curious about your blog name. Love your reasoning behind it and I'm definitely adding the Wells' books to my GoodReads list!

Have a great weekend!

Ashley said…
I just may have to add a Rebecca Wells book to my reading list. :) I like that story behind your blog name.

Pinterest does kind of defeat the purpose of tumblr, huh? It drives me nuts when I find something really great on a tumblr with no source.
Sarah said…
It's nice to know where your blog name came from! I've somehow never read those books, but they might be nice to add to the summer reading list. They sound really special. :)
Allyssa said…
I always wondered about the meaning behind your blog name! I'll have to check these books out :)
Susannah said…
What a fun way to name your blog/twitter/everything else. :-) I need to read that book now! :-)
I ALWAYS wondered that! now I will have to go read the book :)
Tina Byland said…
ahhhh ha!!!! how have you kept this a secret so long?!?! it alllll makes sense!
Heidi said…
Oh my it's been so long since I've read that book!!! I may have to break it out again this summer!
Leah said…
I've never heard of Rebecca Wells, I guess I have some library trolling to do! :)

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