experience music.

This past weekend, I was in New Orleans at Jazzfest for Lindsey's bachelorette party.

And when Phoenix came out on stage, I was overcome with emotion, excitement.

I turned to Lindsey & said, They are here, all the way from Paris, France, to play for us.

And as they played, & we swayed back & forth, sang the words we knew, I was able to just experience it all, bottle it up, & bring it home with me.

And that is a very valuable experience.

Today, Jenni prompts us to give a piece of advice to someone, as part of Blog Every Day in May. My advice to you all is this: experience music. Really, truly experience it. Let it wash over you, let it take you somewhere else. It's worth it.

photos: jazzfest day \ Instagram


MacKensie said…
I love this. And I couldn't agree more. Music is one of the best, most powerful things in the world.
April said…
So jealous that you got to go to Jazzfest!! Glad you took in every second. :)
linz marie said…
If I close my eyes I can still see us standing there in the mud surrounded by people, bobbing our heads to the beat and letting the music run over us. What a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing this weekend with me. xoxo
DJ said…
I love this so much. I have the same experience hearing a song I love live, I just never could have put it into words like that.

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