what i want to blog about.

there are so many things that i want to blog about... 

... about the exhilaration of flying down the freeways of dallas, chasing after chinese food, cheesecake factory, & nights out on the town with outdoor bars with heaters, all to the tune of human, by the killers.

... about the true & untouched sweetness & simplicity that can be found in the warmth of a photograph.

... about the marriage of personalities that friends sometimes experience on an unexpected day, when they realize they both have never seen a cult classic movie, or they both think a missing lettuce leaf is the funniest thing on the planet.

... about the invigorating moment when you realize that being an adult isn't all work & no play, when you're surrounded by a group of girls who think it's just as fun as you do, to read books, to eat lots of food, & to discuss your mutual nerdiness.

... about the unfamiliarity of marriage, even if you have been dating someone for such a long time that it feels like you've always been married. and the thrill of settling in together, of depending on one another, on having weeks where all you do is laugh at the other's silliness.

... about the duality of the gnawing pain of homesickness, paired with the love of adventure & the love of your new surroundings. 

... about the love of the written word, of its power of transformation & transportation.

... about the somewhat contradictory love of the medical field, about finally coming into my own & discovering a way to fuse that medical love with that literary love, & about creating a life & career for myself that is truly indicative of the person that i am.

... about living with the pain of those bothersome feelings of anxiety that have a way of creeping in silently.

... about the joy that can be found in the simple activities of daily life.

... and about the healing power of music, words, & shows/movies... how they transform the mundane aspects of life & infuse feeling, meaning, & remembrance into them.

i just want this space to be a chronicle of living, really living. not rose-colored shadows of what's really going on - no, not that - but rather putting the beauty of life under a microscope. honing in on the reality that life can be wonderful, if you'll only put in enough thought & effort. enough heart. 

i will put in enough heart. and i will share it with you, along the way. along the journey.


MacKensie said…
This is beautiful.
Kayleigh Taber said…
I really love this post. :) Thank you for sharing.
Leah said…
This is really gorgeous
"..about the duality of the gnawing pain of homesickness. paired with the love of adventure & the love of your new surroundings"

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