what exactly it is that i do.

Today's Blog Every Day In May prompt reads as follows: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do?' And because this post is going to be about me, I thought it was appropriate to lead with a large photo of my head. I'm not scared of a good selfie. Most of the time, anyways.
So, here's what I do, folks...
I worry. About everything. Seriously. If there is something to be worried about, I am going to worry about it.
I take unapologetic selfies. And somehow ironically apologize for them, by calling them unapologetic.
I tend to overthink everything I do on this blog. And that is something I am trying to power through to the other side. Because I think the blogs that are the best, are the ones that are the most natural. And overthinking doesn't necessarily produce natural things. Part of the reason I'm doing this challenge, is to conquer that part of my blogging experience.
I read. A lot, but not consistently. When my reading switch is on, my face is buried in a book almost 24/7. But when the switch is off? Well, I don't like it.
I write. Again, a lot, but not consistently. I have big plans for this part of my life.
I dream up new careers, then talk myself out of them. Well, I'm hoping this part of my life is in the past. But for the years since I've graduated college, I have obsessed over my career & what I should be doing with my life.
I let music take me to a different place. It is my comfort zone. And lately, I've been letting the Mates of State Pandora station whisk me away, especially on rainy afternoons in my parents' dining room.
I dye my hair. Don't believe me? See here. It's legitimately one of my favorite things to do.
I procrastinate. And I'm trying to fix this horrible, horrible trait. It is the source of so much of my stress. But, unfortunately, it is also the source of most of my best work. It's so hard for me to work on something ahead of time, that a long time ago, I just stopped doing it. Seven-page papers were written at seven in the morning the day they were due in the high school years. The only time this has really worked against me, was senior year of college, when I procrastinated writing a paper for both a Shakespeare class & - the hardest class I took in college - Advanced Composition. That night, I had my first full-fledged panic attack, & even after I made the executive decision to drop Shakespeare in the morning, I still couldn't slow my heart rate, much less sleep.
There are a lot of other things that I do, but I think I'll save them for a rainy day here on siddathornton. Truthfully, these are some of my favorite posts to read around the blogosphere, so I will gladly post more in the days to come.
What exactly is it that you do? Go share on Jenni's blog.


Angela Gardiner said…
I hate procrastinating...but I do it too. I remember my 2nd year of college, finishing a paper 2 weeks ahead of time and getting a D. I thought it was a wonderful paper and I was floored when I got the grade. Never again did I finish a paper early. My best work was always done up to the deadline (and I got A's too).
Jacqueline said…
I do several of those things too. And I used to dye my hair all the time. Always trying something new... this is the first time in 15 years that I've not touched the color for an entire year. {I've got the natural ombre thing going!}

It's funny how we tend to overthink the blogging thing. Because I'm so guilty of it too. Soooo, sooo guilty.
Ashley said…
I procrastinate too. I'm surprised it didn't lead me to a panic attack in college.

I'm also a career dreamer... I do that same thing where I talk myself out of something I think would be great. It's almost like no way could I ever do that... but I really want to. :)
Mree said…
I constantly worry and over think everything all the time. Sometimes, I worry so much, I make myself sick. It's terrible.
I love your hair and cannot believe you dye it yourself!! Looks amazing!!

Best, Mree
Aleshea said…
"I dream up new careers, then talk myself out of them. Well, I'm hoping this part of my life is in the past. But for the years since I've graduated college, I have obsessed over my career & what I should be doing with my life."

This is totes me and something I am trying hard to work on. Let's work on it togther.
Guilty. I do all of these things. Well, except for the selfies. I'm still scared of those! Great post!

The Classy Cubicle
I clicked because of the "i take selfies.." it made me smile. Own it, right? don't apologize for it.

Ok.. and about this procrastinating business.. it's possibly my middle name.

I probably don't worry over the things I should worry about, does that make sense?

I'm just stalking you.. fyi.
Treasure Tromp said…
the first thing, worrying, hits a little too close to home.
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Allyssa said…
I'm a big worrier too. And I also tend to over think things, especially my blog. Actually, those two things probably go hand in hand, lol.
about the blogging thing especially: good for you! it can be so easy to get stuck in that cycle with blogging, and pulling yourself out is almost entirely mental :)

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