best of siddathornton.

Today, for the Blog Every Day In May challenge, Jenni prompted us to write out a list of links for our favorite posts in our archives - a Best of Siddathornton, if you will. Thus, I give you: my favorite posts, to date. Oh, & for the sake of brevity, I will be choosing from the last couple of months. Not the entire archive.

what i want to blog about | a post hastily tapped out in a deliciously, inspiringly over-caffeinated state.

sidda just loves books | a post that explains my blog name.

on time | one of my most honest posts, about how the passage of time stresses me out at times

choosing our snapshots | a post about how we choose what we share.

a little look at pinehurst | some thoughts about our visit to pinehurst, north carolina.

friday's letters, to myself | an edition of friday's letters in which i write to myself.

glimpses of spring | one of the charleston snapshot series - lots of beautiful flowers & color.

the kind of person | a list of attributes i hope to one day rock.

waving goodbye to 2012 | the year in review. and trust me, there was a LOT to review.

and, of course, all of the sunday currently posts.

What are your favorite blog posts you've written? Go share on Jenni's blog.


Leah said…
Enjoyed flicking through these! Thanks for posting!

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