a public apology to life itself.

Dear Life,
I'm sorry for sometimes not letting simplicity be enough. Because, really, it is. I think sometimes that I think - for things to be complete - they have to be replete. But yesterday evening, when sitting around the bonfire with my family, glass of wine in hand, I realized something. The slowing-down of oneself, the allowing oneself the realization that this is all I need - well, that is the greatest gift it is possible to give. We are constantly pushing forward, we are constantly thinking what next? And, to be honest, that is absolutely no way to live. We should be constantly holding still, constantly thinking this is where I am now, I will savor it. Life, I apologize for not being in the correct mindset more often. Because when I am, I feel like we get along so much better. This is my pledge: to slow down, to look around, to live, to let simplicity be enough. More than enough.
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Gabrielle said…
Aw, I love this! So true!
April said…
Sweet letter.

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