fitness inspiration.

fitness inspiration.

get the look | wildfox top + nike pants + nike shoes + oliver bonas water bottle

Ever since my return to Wilmington, I've had the fitness bug. Justin & I bought a scale to keep in our bathroom, & our diet + exercise routine is getting an overhaul today. With this wave of inspiration, comes the want for some new workout duds. I'm thinking slouchy, oversized tops, tight, dark cropped workout pants, & bright shoes. And let's not forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I've been seeing these self-filtering water bottles around lately, & I'm thinking a purchase may be on the horizon.

Where do you turn for workout inspiration? There are some great accounts on Instagram that promote a healthy lifestyle. That, coupled with the fitness goals I've set for myself for the year, are what keep me truckin' on that treadmill.


April said…
I've been trying to run at least four times a week for the past two weeks. Not too long, but yeah. It's going well. haha I need that shirt to help motivate me! ;)

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