one of my first draft posts.

always be the best you can be.
Tonight, as I returned home from helping Lindsey with some of the week-of wedding details, I realized I hadn't put up my post for the day yet. Normally, I'd just skip the day, thinking well, if I haven't put up a blog post yet, & it's almost the next day already, that means it just wasn't meant to be for today to have a post. But since I committed to Blog Every Day In May, I knew I had to get something up in this space for May 14, 2013. So here I am, just rambling on about nothing, in order to say I've posted something for the day. In some ways, that's exactly what I never wanted my blog to become. But in some ways, it's exactly what I wanted my blog to become. Blogs are funny in that way: you think you want them to be a certain thing, but then they surprise you, show you that maybe every once in a while, they're meant to be something completely different than what you ever envisioned.
I was searching through my drafts, & I found the first one I ever wrote. It's from when I was still blogging here, but planning to switch over to this clean, untouched space. And here we are, more than two years later, & this poor little draft has not yet seen the light of day. I figured, today, or rather, tonight, is the perfect time for its debut. All I think of, when I see the above, is the hope I had when I started blogging here. The hope that, no matter where I went in life, no matter what I was doing, there would always be a place to come, a home of sorts... this little blog.


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