the sunday currently, volume 34.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Today will be spent relaxing at home with my mom, dad, & sister. If only Justin were in town to celebrate with us! Today's list of currentlies will be short & sweet - it's a family day.
reading The Casual Vacancy, by J.K. Rowling. I already love it. Oh yeah, and Little Women. Which hopefully I'll finish before the end of this year.
writing out schedules for when I return to Wilmington - next goal: get a summer job!
listening to Pandora like crazy lately. And my main station? Mates of State, just like last week.
thinking this will be a nice, relaxing week. And then, Lindsey's wedding this weekend!
smelling like Pink Chiffon from Bath & Body Works this morning. Not my usual, but I like it.
wishing I had written this post in advance. Things have really been catching up with me lately. I need to get ahead again.
hoping that, like I mentioned above, I can get ahead with everything this week.
wearing some slouchy gray Polo pants & a black sweater. Cozy pajamas.
loving being with my Mom for Mother's Day today.
wanting endless cups of coffee this morning.
needing the same thing I said in the previous answer.
feeling happy. Not only am I here with my Mom on Mother's Day, but Justin & I are Face-Timing while I write this post.
photo: mom reading her mother's day card this morning


Maggie Donnelly said…
Your outfit sounds comfy!!!! Just what today needs, relaxing and comfy. Your mothers day with your mom sounds nice. Enjoy visiting with your family as you sip those hot cups of coffee! Have a great Sunday! Good luck on catching up, I know it's not always easy to do and it doesn't take much to get behind!!!
Jess said…
I am reading the Casual Vacancy too! Well, sort of... I`m listening to it as an audio book while at work. I`m enjoying it so far, what do you think of it? Though I find it hard to adjust to it being read by a British man, hehe.

I linked up with a somewhat unconventional post about what is currently up with me, hopefully that's okay just this once ;)

Some Snapshots Blog
Kate Harvey said…
You're so lucky to be with your mom today. I'm jealous!! Enjoy it.
yay for being with your mom and enjoying today! and yay for getting a jumpstart on the future tomorrow :)
Sarah said…
I love that photo of your mom! I hope that you had a great day together. :)
Ashley said…
I haven't been too sure about reading Casual Vacancy... nice to know that you're enjoying it. Maybe I'll give it a shot sometime. :)
I loved Casual Vacancy! She is just such a talented writer, it's amazing.

Angela Gardiner said…
I've been the same way lately w/ the coffee. Did a lot of traveling over the weekend and by Sunday I was just drained!
Hope you have a great week!

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