the worst things about me.

Well, the unthinkable has finally happened. That's right folks, I missed a day in the Blog Every Day In May Challenge. I had committed myself to getting something written in this space for all of May's thirty-one days this year, but I missed yesterday. I had an Around Here Lately post slated to go up in the evening, but with school & everything else that happened yesterday [like going to see Hangover III], it slipped my mind, & thus, there simply was no post. Rather than back-track & pretend I had written a post yesterday, I decided to let it go. Whew. And that was hard for me, really. 

So, today we're continuing what I'll now fondly refer to as the Blog Almost Every Day In May challenge, because I have full intentions of finishing strong. Missing one day is ok, right, Jenni? I sure hope so. The topic today? Your top three worst traits. So, without further ado...

I'm a perfectionist.
I'm a procrastinator.
I'm selfish. 

There. I said it. Things I could have added to that list? I'm vague. I have trouble explaining myself out loud. I tend to underestimate myself in quite a debilitating way. And I could go on, but the three up there in bold are probably my worst, ever traits. The first two appear because I believe they are linked. I am a perfectionist at my core, but you'd never know that from my messy living room, my unfinished novel, or any of the other things in my life that appear hap-hazzard. They appear this way because I am scared of doing them inadequately. Since I am afraid of doing them inadequately, I procrastinate. It's a gross cycle, really, but it's part of my life. And I'm constantly working on it.

The last one is something I'm quite ashamed of. I try very hard to overcome this particular trait, but it is frequently in the back of my mind. At least I'm working on it, right?

What are your top three worst traits? Go share on Jenni's blog to take part in the Blog Every Day In May craziness. Or, in my particular case, the Blog Almost Every Day In May craziness.


Emily Woodard said…
I'm selfish too, but I can't decide whether it's a good or bad kind of selfish. Oh well. At least we're not alone.

Tina Byland said…
I can be pretty selish, too. It must be a girl thing, no?
DJ said…
I'm SO bad at explaining myself out loud. It frustrates me daily. I guess that's why we write, eh?

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