in the spirit of adventure.

Yesterday, Justin & I went on a little driving adventure around Wrightsville Beach. I say it was a driving adventure because we slept in late, & by the time we got to the beach, all the parking spots were taken, & the place was practically swarming with people soaking up the sun. So we drove around, windows down, sunroof open, music up, & just enjoyed being residents of this beautiful piece of North Carolina. 

We then headed downtown, toward Shuckin' Shack, for an oyster poboy & fish tacos. And as we waited in the dingy parking garage we've been frequenting lately on our downtown adventures, we made a promise to be adventurous each & every weekend of Summer Two Thousand Thirteen. Be it posting up on the beach for the day, further surveying the eclectic seafood restaurants on the downtown Riverwalk, or traveling - in North Carolina or outside of it - we plan to be doing something, to be soaking up everything we have around us. 

Because it is beautiful here. And we intend to maximize each & every moment.


Heather Marie said…
Wow that is such a pretty area of northxarolina!! Jealous. Our weekend was not quite as nice up on the Midwest! But I'm living vicariously through your photos:)

April said…
Yuuuuum, fish tacos. Sounds like a delightful adventure. ;)

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